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About Us

We are a traditional czech manufacturing company. We design and manufacture plastic products using different industry technologies like vacuum thermoforming , CNC milling and cutting, bending, welding and gluing. Our clients comprises small as well as large czech or international companies from different industries.Our products combine original design and functionality at affordable prices.

About Us


We are the czech family business like manufacturing company. We are present on an European market for more than 30 years.

We design, prototype and produce plastic parts by vacuum thermoforming and other technologies of plastic processing. We work with supplied 3D models, drawings, sketches or physical samples.

Thermoformed pieces can be finished to the final product by cutting with 5-axis CNC machines. Sheets material is processed with 3-axis CNC milling machines, cutting, bending, welding and gluing. We offer assembling work of produced parts and packaging.

Long-term practice, technical skills and ideas with modern and advanced technologies 

We combine creative approach, practical thinking, technical skills and long term experience of our experts from various industries to find the most appropriate solution of a specific customer requirement.Our proposals always take into account functionality, price effectiveness and aesthetic aspect. .

We deliver our products to business clients from different industries and as we just have products of our own idea and design, we have decided to offer them directly to end-customers via this e-shop.